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Guest Blogger - Jennifer from Life with the Lebeda's

Jennifer author of Life with the Lebeda's
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Well, I haven't met Jennifer in real life, even though I came close one time this year. I was in Tulsa visiting some friends and found out I wasn't too far from Jennifer, but I didn't get to meet her. She has THE most adorable little girls and some absolutely Amazing Giveaways. I really don't see how she gets it all done. So glad she was able to squeeze in an interview with me.

MC: Why is you blog called "Life with the Lebeda's"?

JENNIFER: I started my blog for family we rarely got to see and it's now a little bit about everything! :D

MC: So what is your specialty to cook/make/bake at Christmas?

JENNIFER: This is my first Christmas to host. I'm really excited! We're smoking a turkey and a ham. :) We're expecting 20-25 of my inlaws over so we'll be smoking both!

MC: Well from your last email, I heard that the Christmas hosting went smoothly, so congratulations!

What is your absolute favorite Holiday food to eat (even if you can't make it)?

JENNIFER: I don't think I have a favorite. I can already feel myself gaining weight from thinking about the food this year, lol.

MC: What is your absolute favorite Christmas tradition . . . the one where if you could only have / do this one tradition it would be enough for you to have a wonderful Christmas?

JENNIFER: Just one? I would say anything that is family oriented - growing up it was piling in van with 10 family members to look at lights, setting aside a night where we decorate the tree together, staying up late on Christmas eve playing games as a family ... but in all of that my girls are young {3 and 1} and this year, i've been thinking a lot about how to share with them the reason for the season! I bought a book to read about the birth of Jesus and I know at this age, it's hard to understand so i've really had this weighing on my heart. This is the type of tradition, I want every year!

MC: Do you send Christmas cards? Why or why not?

JENNIFER: Yes. I love Christmas cards. I usually take pictures of my girls and put them on the card. I think it's nice to send something personal for family and friends that we don't see often. I really love to get them and I love to send them.

MC: What is the typical holiday routine at your house? You know, Christmas Eve at home, Christmas morning at your mom's or Aunt Betty's . . . what do you guys do?

JENNIFER: There's nothing typical from year to year. We're always trying something new. We've got 6 families that we try and see all in one weekend. It's been really hard to enjoy Christmas when your running from place to place. This year, we're trying something new. We've got two weekends with family and Christmas weekend with just our family in our own house. We really want our kids to be able to wake up Christmas morning at their own house.

MC: I DO remember how it was when Santa's helpers were little, it seemed like chaos at Christmas time.

What is one Christmas tradition that you used to do (maybe when you were a child) that you don't do now?

JENNIFER: When we were junior high/high school age, we always talked our parents into opening one present on Christmas Eve. My girls are young and I'm sure I'll eat my words but thats not something we're doing yet.

MC: What are you doing this year that you haven't done for past Christmases (if there is something new or different)?

JENNIFER: This is our first year to write letters to Santa. :) My 3 year old understood what to do this year. Also we're adding in the birth story of Jesus!

MC: What is the most sentimental gift you have either received or given?

JENNIFER: I'm the same way. I would much rather give than receive. It's exciting to see that their expression. I like to give pictures and picture frames because I know it's something they will use and in my family thats something they always ask for. I made my brother and sister-in-law a memory box of their wedding.

MC: What was the biggest dud gift you have ever given someone? You know that one gift that just didn't go over like you thought it would.

JENNIFER: I've had a few gifts that I put a lot of thought into but didn't seem to go over as I thought they would but nothing that was a big deal.

MC: I just love surprises. What is the best surprise you EVER received on Christmas?

JENNIFER: When I was 15, we were opening presents that year and my brother had tons of gifts but I only had a few. I don't remember being upset or anything but I did notice. Then at the end they said you forgot your present and I looked under the tree but there wasn't anything there. There was a key on the tree to my new car - it was a clunker but none-the-less it was my first car!! :)
BUT, even better, the best gift was a few days before Christmas - 2004. My 'boyfriend' and I went out to eat for our 'date' night at Chili's then to a light show where he proposed to me!

MC: Oh my gosh, I bet that was sooo beautiful. What a great place/way to propose. So would you rather be the surprisER or the surprisEE on Chrismas morning and why?

JENNIFER: I get more excited to see my kids face when they wake up Christmas morning than I do to see my own. I'm worse than a little kid. I'll wake up at 4 am just so i'm up when they get up . . last year i was up at 4 and we had to wake them up at 7 {only because we were going to be leaving town in a few hours}.

MC: In Magnolia, AR it's usually fall weather at Christmas. Where you live is winter the season when Christmas comes?

JENNIFER: Yes, last year we bad our first 'blizzard.' It doesn't always snow on Christmas but it's always pretty chilly.

MC: Do you want snow at Christmas? Why or why not?

JENNIFER: This year I would love to have snow. We're doing Christmas early so we have the entire weekend to ourselves. I'd love to play in the snow as a family, light the fireplace and just relax!

MC: Santa's little helpers aren't little anymore. (*sniff*) so, do you play Santa for your children? Why or why not?

JENNIFER: I'm not sure what you mean about 'playing' Santa. We don't pretend like we're Santa but we like to get into it and write him letters, leave cookies for him, carrots for the reindeer and just really exaggerate the entire process!!

MC: If you do play Santa, what is the closest you ever came to being "found out" by your children?

JENNIFER: My girls are still really young, 1 and 3, so we haven't gotten caught yet. I can still buy gifts in front of them and tell them it's for their cousin.

MC: Yeah, I really miss those days. You'll have to tune in and see what Mrs. Claus has to say about being caught. . . pretty funny. (Christmas Eve . . . surprise)

MC: I just love blogging! How long have you been blogging and why do you do it?

JENNIFER: I started my blog in 2008 but didn't blog very often. It was just just strictly once a month family stuff then It turned into more of an outlet for this bored stay at home momma. Then I enjoyed it so much that I've kinda watched it move in different directions. I'm thinking about changing it up a little in the New Year too! :)

MC: How many posts do you typically do per week?

JENNIFER: Oh gosh, depends if i'm in a bloggy mood, lol. I have moments where I like to write a lot then I have moments where I have have reviews and so it really just depends - if it's a giveaway week then anywhere from 10-20 but if not then 10-15. I'll be changing it up and not doing as many giveaways - i'm setting a strict limit of 3 a week come the new year!! I want to have time to blog for myself, craft, read my Bible and play more with my girls! :)

MC: Do you advertise on your blog? Why or why not?

JENNIFER: I do! I enjoy advertising. I love looking up reviews when I buy a product so I'm happy that i get to do advertising for companies as well. I'll just be limiting the number of advertising I do.

MC: Do you have anything special you want to share with readers?

JENNIFER: I love meeting new people! I really appreciate everyone that takes time to read my blog, enter a giveaway or just swing by to say hi!

MC: I hope you will stop by Life with the Lebeda's and say "Hi!" to Jennifer. Thanks so much for doing this interview! It's almost Christmas!!! I'm getting excited all over again AND I already know what all my presents are . . .huh? Weird, I know.


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  1. Thank You SO Much for the featured interview!! I had fun answering all the questions. Your such a sweet person! :D

  2. Hahaha, I don't think it's weird at all! I already know what's in all of my presents, too, but since it's items I really want, I'm excited to open them. Great interview. Reading your interviews has been one of the highlights of the season.

  3. I too want my kids to wake up in their own house on Christmas morning. I think your idea to spread Christmas to the 2 weekends prior is fantastic! Then you don't have the pressure to run all over town on Xmas day.

    I remember when I got my first car. It was my 17th birthday and I bounced on Cloud 9 for months afterwards! :)

    Great interview Jen!

  4. Great interview! Life with the Lebedas is one of my very favorite blogs!

  5. Thanks Everyone!! You all really made my day! :D I appreciate all of your supports :D


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