Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Crochet?

Well, I can't say that I am as talented as my mom, but I can whip up some stuff that will at least keep you warm, even if it is not perfect.

I finally finished an afghan for Santa that I have been promising him since we got married practically. I have made bed spreads for both Lollipop and Tootsie Pop, numerous baby afghans and blankets, butt-loads of scarves . . . and not one thing for Santa. How sad?

So I started this afghan right after the first neck injection, which was wonderful. Since I was finally able to look down at my work without pain, I was excited to be able to work on the afghan I had started 2 years ago. When I got it out, I realized it was going to have to be ripped out and started completely over. But I still finished it Christmas Eve night.

This was the main reason for all the Holiday Interviews. This way I would have scheduled posts and I could focus all my time and energy on finishing this project for Santa. Although, looking back on it, I was able to relax during December, so I may do it again next year! It sure was a lot of fun getting to know all of you better.

Santa chose the colors, red, white and blue, I chose the yarn, Simply Soft (I am not a fan of Super Saver yarn, it is too scratchy for me).

Cute picture too! I was just wondering . . . do you crochet?


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  1. Simply Soft is my favorite yarn!! I love to crochet and knit!! Just finished (except for the strap) a cell phone/ipod holder and I am working on a knitted hooded scarf(in red, white, and blue Simply Soft!!)

  2. I do not crochet, but have always wanted to. I keep meaning to ask my stepmom to teach me. Maybe in the New Year!

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    Thanks and have a great day! :)

  3. I like to crochet but croceht did not like me hehe.

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  5. ME ME ME I DO I DO I DO! Not very well, but I do. I recently learned how to make granny squares, so I whipped up some lap blankets for all my favorite people for Christmas one year when our financial funds were a little low and everyone loved them. My Aunt, MIL, my Mom, and even my uncle, and all my granddaughters. It was great to give them something I made with my own little hands.


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