Monday, November 8, 2010

Truth . . . the end?

 Check out all the TRUTH.

Well, I believe tomorrow will be the last day of truth!  Whew!  Thank goodness.  I didn't follow all the writing prompts  . . . cause I'm a rebel like that.  (pshh)

I always try to tell the truth, but this will be the end of this series.  Maybe the rest of November can be about being thankful!!

Truth is I am leaving after lunch to spend the night in Little Rock, AR getting ready for my epidural injection Round One in the morning.  Click here for the rest of the story. I am a little nervous, but more anxious to find out if it will relieve the pain I am having, or restore some of the feeling in my left arm.

I mainly feel bad for my family, because my jobs are not being done like they used to be.  I am just too tired, most of the time.  I have grand intentions of completing projects, cleaning closets, or just putting up the laundry but  . . . no.  The bare necessities get done, but nothing extra.  So my hopes are more for them, that things can get back to normal around the "North Pole".

If you pray, and you have an open slot, I would appreciate your prayers. I know that God has me in His hands.  If you don't pray . . .God misses you.

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  1. Am praying. God, grant Sandi peace about these shots and let them accomplish what is needed to restore Sandi to her usual happy, in charge, beautiful daughter she has always been. Love you and all will be well. MOM


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