Friday, November 5, 2010

The Real Mrs. Claus

Maybe you were wondering . . . what the "real" Mrs. Claus looks like.  Well there you go!  Santa snapped this shot the first of this week in my office.  

No santa hat, no makeup, not very glamorous, huh?  I thought with all the "truth" going around I should be real with you guys too, LOL!  Have a great weekend!!



  1. I was reading your post and I wanted to suggest a book for your girls. Highschool, right? One book I enjoyed in highschool and I have taught a study on before is For Such a Time is This by Lisa Ryan. It is a book about Esther but it more about knowing who you are as a female and what God has called you to be. It gets into dating and marriage too. I LOVE this book and it is a must read. Also anything by Joshua Harris or his wife is good too.

  2. I wish I looked that good without makeup...

    Did you see the Holiday Bloganza going on to gain more followers.

    Quite a few blogs are joining in. So far we have 4 $10 Target gift certificates, cookie mix, necklace and more. I didn't know if you were interested in building your followers or not... but check it out.

  3. Thanks Mariah I will have to check it out. And Terry I don't sell anything on my blog so I don't know what I could offer. But I'll check it out.


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