Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Hero?

Day 14 - A hero who has let you down (write a letter) . . .

Well, I'm not really a big fan of heroes.  (Or Heroes, the TV show either.)  I am seriously not impressed by many people these days.  I don't hold many people to a higher standard, but one person who was a hero to me was my dad.

It used to seem strange to me that my sister, who I love very much, did not have the same relationship with him that I did.  She was very sick when she was a baby and my mom had to spend more time with her, taking care of her.  My brother and I were sent out to play or most of the time my dad took us out of the house to do something.  Go to the museum, or to see the "big trains" just so my mom could take care of my sister.  So yeah, I spent a lot of time with my dad.  I understand now, that he was a different kind of dad to me than he was to my sister.  She got all the benefits of mom and we got all the benefits of dad.  Not that one is right or wrong, that's just the way the circumstances played out.

My dad was the most amazing person I know.  He could build anything out of scraps of nothing (I thought).  He could fix just about anything, and I mean anything.  If it was broken, he could find a way to fix it.  This is why I thought my dad was a hero.  I didn't even consider growing up that everyone's dad wasn't like that.  I just took it for granted.

If I asked my dad to do something for me, or even mentioned that I "might" like something, it happened.  Maybe not always the way I imagined it, but it happened.  I wanted a light switch by my bed so I wouldn't have to get up and turn off the light after I got into bed at night.  (Monsters under the bed . .  .you know?)  I thought I would have a "light switch" like the one by my door, across the room beside my bed.  Uh . . .no.

I came home one afternoon to find a light (fluorescent light-bulb) on the ceiling over my bed with a little toggle switch by my bed to turn off and on.  So I could have the light on . . . and then turn it off after I got in bed.  So problem solved, just not as I pictured it.

I also wanted a sports car when I was 16 years old. . . 
Oh yeah, baby!  This is what I had in mind!

AND my dad got me a sports car 

. . . just not as I pictured it.
Yeah, THIS is the sports car I got.  (Minus the fancy wheels and shiny paint job. LOL!)

I don't know looking back on it, I might have been disappointed that things didn't turn out the way I wanted, but I never felt like my dad let me down.  


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  1. That's the way it is with our girls and their dad! He always comes through, although it's not quite what they had in mind! But, like yours, he never disappoints!


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