Friday, November 5, 2010


I was looking for a guide to help the girls in my Sunday School class, find the "right" boy.  They are at the age when they make decisions about who to date and what kind of man they would like to marry . . . and since I didn't do such a great job the first time I got married, I thought why not seek some wise counsel . . . right?

So I borrowed Debi Pearl's book "Created to Be His Help Meet" and really enjoyed reading the first half of the book.  I agree that when you are a wife you need to help your husband.  There were a lot of things that I agreed with in the first half of this book.  Probably a little naive because I am not in an abusive relationship and because Santa is a wonderful husband are the reasons why I was not offended by this book.  I agree that a wife should be in the business of helping her husband.

I looked up on the internet and found that Mrs. Pearl had written another book "Preparing to Be a Help Meet" and I thought what a great idea to teach these principles to young girls so they will know what to look for when they get married.  I asked Santa to download it for me to our iPad, and he did.  (really glad I was only out $4.99 and not $20.00, just sayin')

I was reading along (naive and hopeful that this book would lend some insight to young girls and their quest to find the man God has planned for them to marry)  . . . I got an uneasy feeling after I read the first chapter that said KJV was the only "true" version of the Bible.  *blarring beep* 

I got the 2nd uneasy feeling when I read in the next few chapters that a young girl was put in an arranged marriage to a man she didn't even know.  *louder blarring beep*  but I kept reading  . . . 

I read a little further and when Debi Pearl describes her "handsome" husband . . . well I'll tell you curiosity began to stir inside my brain.  That's when I decided to look up what Michael and Debi look like.  I just "googled" them to see their picture.  I wanted to put a face with the characters in this book, you know? . . . 

OMGosh!   (Before I even got to click on a picture.)

I clicked on article after article about the horrible things that have been published about these two authors. . . the barrage of horrible things that have been published about them on the internet.  (Which you can investigate on your own, I was going to provide you with links to these articles, but thought better of it as it would only further the insanity.)  I am sure you are intelligent people and can read and decide for yourself what you want to believe, but for me I remain disillusioned.

I guess I feel strongly about this, because I was so horribly unprepared for married life the first time around.  

I love the girls in my class, I could not imagine teaching them these things after reading about these authors.  I take very seriously the things I bring before these students and it stresses me out sometimes . . . okay, so no, I will not be teaching this book to my Sunday School class, but I will keep looking for a Biblical guide for young girls and dating.  If anyone out there knows of a "good" book I would be interested to read it.  I still believe that young women need help in this area of choosing wisely the guys they date/marry.


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