Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ABC's of Thanks!

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

Click on over to Rachel's blog and play along!  

A - Avocado - key ingredient in my favorite sushi
B - Bible - daily food for my soul and Babies - holding, snuggling, smelling, kissing. . . and giving back to the momma
C - Coffee, chocolate. . . chocolate coffee . . .Coffee . . and Christmas. And chocolate coffee on Christmas morning!
D - Dancing in the Moonlight  - fav song
E - Everything 
F - Food  . . . and Food Network
G - God - He is Good all the time!
H - Heaven and the work of Heaven, and loving my kids PAST Heaven
I -  Inspiration from nature, photography and bloggers
J - Jesus - without Him . . the rest is kinda pointless
K - Kitchen - my kitchen rocks!!
L - Lollipop - 1st born daughter - so glad she is happy again
M - Mr. Claus - still amazes me that he hasn't kicked me to the curb after all these years
N - Nectarines . . . without them I would be creeped out by peaches all the time
O - Options, choices and the ability to choose!
P - PHOTOGRAPHY . . . my one true addiction, and Proverbs
Q - Quests that keep me motivated like Proverbs, youth at my church and blogging
R - Reese's 4th child baby girl- senior year
S - Skittles 3rd child 1st son - has a new girlfriend . . .and I have seen him smile more
T - Tootsie Pop - 2nd daughter who is back together with her boyfriend
U - Unlimited Texting
V - Venison, and hunting, and my deer stand and my rainbow gun! 
W - Washer and dryer . . . my absolute favorite appliance
X - X-RAYS, what kind of diagnosis would we get without them?
Y - YOU - Thankful for all of you who stop by and read my blog.
Z - Zoos . . . because who would want all those wild animals running around downtown.  LOL!


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  1. Love the list of thankful items. I have been so blessed reading these words of thanks today.

    Love your O -- Options. So often we forget just how blessed we are to have options.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and THANK YOU for linking up.


  2. What a great list - I've been thinking of doing a list maybe tommorrow. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family :)

  3. Dear Mrs Claus,
    I heard you are married to Santa. I heard Santa is busy. Would you kindly check if the name Sweepy is on Santa's delivery list and if not, would you so kindly insert it for this super superdog?

    Thank you and just to let you know that I have been good all year. Just don't scroll down my page.


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