Monday, October 11, 2010

sweet boy (revisited)

 I had sooo much fun yesterday taking pictures of Candy Jar and hanging out with my beautiful grand-daughter.  It was wonderful.  These are the times that you remember your whole life.  But just in case I forget, I'm writing them all down here.

After we took pictures, Starburst came back to my house and we watched part of a movie and ate supper.  At one point she had a lot of stuff to pack up in her car and she was gone for a little while.  I was holding Candy Jar, and making kissy faces and noises at him.  He just looked at me and smiled and then he gave me a kiss!  He was so good all day and very patient with us.  Gigi took over 500 pictures (of course, most of them will be deleted, but still)  That's a pretty sweet boy!

This little guy will be one year old in a couple of months.  Can you believe it?  Isn't he precious though?
More baseball pictures to come, but this one turned out pretty cute.

This picture was fun.  We thought maybe Starburst could sit on the log and hold him so he would be closer to the "No Fishing" sign, but actually Jar is about a foot from the water's edge, and it's pretty mushy.  He looks like, "Are you just gonna throw me in the lake?"  

I love this picture.  It really shows off his chubby cheeks.  Looking out of the window in my sitting room.

This is one of the best expressions.  His momma had to go get the stroller and she had to walk a pretty good distance so she was gone for about 10 minutes.  When she came back, he heard her coming and when he saw her THIS was his reaction.  How sweet is that?  

He loves his momma!

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