Friday, October 1, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

It's Friday people!  Over at Blue Frog Legs, you can check out more great "Pay It Forward" stories, but I have been challenged to pay it forward by teaching.  And I do teach.   I teach Jr. and Sr. High girls on Sunday mornings.  I help with my youth group on Wednesday nights and get to see those same girls again.  They are all so different and special each in their own way.  I can hardly wait to see how each one will change over the next few years before they graduate high school. 

Because of this challenge to teach I thought I would teach all of my wonderful followers a cute game you can play.  It's a fun game to pass the time in the car, or whenever.

On a sheet of paper write all the letters of the alphabet in a single column.


This would be one letter per lined on lined notebook paper.

Then think of a random saying, such as "For God so loved the world" or lyrics to a song like "When you wish upon a star" or "Happy Holidays" . . . just make sure that you have enough letters for each letter of the alphabet.  Like this


So there will be two letters or a set of initials on each line of a sheet of lined notebook paper.

Now the game is this: 

Think of a famous person (living or dead) who has the initials listed on each line.  You can compete against each other or let everyone try to guess.  You can take turns and go down the sheet of paper giving each person a different set of initials, it's up to you.  It's just a fun game for passing time, and it changes every time you put in a different phrase. 

So in our example:   AF, AF, AF okay, I can't think of anyone with initials AF.  So, what about the next one . . . BO, BO  (body odor) . . . BO.  Wow, this is harder than I remembered.  What about the next one . . . CR, CR, Cathy Rigby!  YAY!!!  Okay, DG, DG, DG . . . Okay, EO, EO (EIEIO!) . . . (yes, it is a scary place inside my brain. LOL!)  But you get the idea, that's how the game goes, and it can be very addictive once you start. . . like even now I want to ask people if they know a famous person with the initials AF!  LOl!!!

So there you go!  ENJOY! 


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