Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - Jar's Photo Shoot

the long road
You should pop over to The Long Road to China and check out some more black and white shots.

Okay we had a photo shoot Sunday (click for more photos), with my grand-daughter, Starburst and her son, Jar.  I know he's my great-grandson and all . . . but I really think he could be a model.  Don't you?

Battle over!  Mason - 1 Teddy Bear - 0!

My favorite!  At least of the B&W shots I did!



  1. Cool B&W set. The B&W's are very dramatic. Great job.

  2. These are beautiful...the next to last one is my favorite. A little blown out but something really interesting about it!

  3. You did a really exquisite job shooting your grandchildren! These pictures are just lovely. I adore them! Way to go!

    Oh, and PS Your babies are so cute! : )

  4. Those are great shots. I also love that last one, there is just something about it.

  5. last one is my fav ... great pictures!

  6. That is a cute model! I love the last shot.

    Erika B


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