Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I know right?  These lessons are kind of deep, huh?  Too deep for Jr. High and Sr. High girls?  I don't know.  . . . 

We'll see what their reaction is tomorrow.  Until then, pray that the message reaches past their cool exterior into their hearts.

Why do you think if God is loving He allows bad things to happen?

First, we have to keep in mind the key verse in this lesson, Isaiah 55:9.  We don't understand God's plan . . .this is why we are required to have faith and trust God.  We can't predict the future and can't view the future so we must have faith.  Even if you are not trusting in God, you are trusting in something to get through your life.  Maybe you are trusting your own abilities, or in someone else to help you, but something which keeps you going.

The main point that I got from this lesson was this:  "My life has events the "good" and "bad" labels that I apply to the events are based solely on my attitude.  If someone else looked at my life, they might tag the events with "good" or "bad" tags differently.  What looks like a "bad" thing to one person, might not seem so bad to someone else.  

For that we need to take a peek at a brief history of Mrs. Claus' life. . . .so now may be a good time to click over to a more exciting blog . . .(LOL!)

Mrs. Claus was the 2nd child born to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jolly (that part is totally true).  My mother had a miscarriage before I was born.  If my mom, were looking at this timeline, she might tag her miscarriage as a "bad" thing, but I would not.  I might not be here if my mother's first pregnancy had resulted in a live birth.

Let's go down the road a little further, Mrs. Claus was married just 2 weeks after graduating high school.  Mrs. Claus moved to Fort Hood, Texas the next day.  Without knowing the future, I would describe this time in my life as very happy and very good.  Knowing that we were divorced after being married only 5 years, some people may point to the wedding day as a "bad" event.  Actually, without that marriage, Mrs. Claus would not have her two oldest daughters.  So I would not tag that event as "bad".

For those of us who have Jesus Christ as the center of our life, we know how our story ends. . . so the part in the middle is less traumatic.  The things that happen to us in between birth and death are minor compared to the glory of heaven that awaits us.  Romans 8:18-21.

Sometimes it is hard to see that all the things that are happening to you are part of God's bigger plan, or the "big picture".  Romans 8:28-30

Events are painful to us, but that doesn't mean that God doesn't love us.  

If I had an envelope which contained your entire life's events, from birth to death . . . would you open it?  


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