Thursday, September 2, 2010

By Special Request

My Wee View
I had a visit from a follower of my blog this morning . . . LOL!  She asked why I hadn't been posting very much lately.  Can you believe these followers?  Come to your office and request blog posts. . . . how cool is that?  Thanks Lori!  (click on her name to check out her blog).

Anyway . . . by special request here is what's going on around Santa's workshop.

Actually, I have been trying to catch up my paper work after being all over this place this summer.  A lady at bowling asked me where I DID NOT go this summer, that list might be shorter.  Ha ha ha ha!!  After I started thinking about it, whoa . . . I was gone a lot.

Kentucky, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Chicago, Houma, Louisiana, I even went to Magic Springs in Hot Springs AR! for the first time in my life!  I am leaving for Branson, MO Sunday morning after Sunday School. I have never been to Branson before in my life either . . . can you believe it?  I lived in Germany for crying out loud and this will be my first ever trip to Branson, MO!  But even though my summer has been jam packed, I have felt God moving and changing some things about me.  

What got thrown out of my life?  Let me tell you.

I let go of trying to "choreograph" my life.  Instead of trying to "make things happen" I have reverted to the surprise method.  Which is waking up and remembering that God has some wonderful surprises for me if I will trust Him to plan out my day instead of me doing it.  I am more productive at work, less stressed and more "in the moment" firstly, knowing that I don't have it all planned out and it all still gets done.  And secondly, that I am not going to get upset because I didn't have anything planned out anyway.  It's very relaxing . . . if you can do it . . . just let God plan your day.  When things change  . . . as they ALWAYS do, you won't get upset or bent out of shape about it, just remind yourself that God wants to guide your steps, and let things happen.

I don't want you to think that I am bragging about myself, because without God's help, none of this wonderful life would be possible, I'm just sayin' I can feel Him changing me and that is a cool thing.  

So a little more quiet time and a little less blogging time, turns out to be what God wanted from me for the past few weeks.  

P.S. I LOVE the Skit Guys!!!


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