Monday, August 23, 2010

Stormy Night and the end of Gazebo Construction

This weekend Uncle Roo Roo and Aunt Sara came to visit . . . and well except for one ridge of shingles the gazebo is finished!  I have never been so happy to see Santa on the roof of that gazebo again WITH SCAFFOLDING  . . . as I was this weekend.  Thanks to Uncle Roo  Roo for all his help!!  

Some night time construction was required.  It was 105 degrees this weekend where we live.  


Santa digging a trench for the electricity.

Uncle Roo Roo is an electrician and helped Santa install electricity to the gazebo for a ceiling fan and lighting.  I LOVE it!!!

After the gazebo construction was over and the fan and lights were installed, there was a terrific lightning storm.  Santa and I sat outside and watched the storm move in, the breeze from that front was heavenly.

Santa did such a great job on this (even though he won't take credit for it).  Just what I wanted.  He's the best!!!

Here are some pretty cool lightning photos I was able to capture.  

That was my weekend.  So what did you do this weekend?



  1. How fabulous!! And what amazing lightening shots!!!! It is supposed to get hot here in the high desert of SoCal this week. Oh yippee!!!!

  2. Wow y'all worked hard on the gazebo, even into the night. That is dedication! I love storms but have never gotten a lightning shot quite like that one. Excellent!

  3. I am glad you stopped by my blog. I love the gazbo. The lighting pics are amazing. Lighting scares the heck out of me, but the pics are neat.


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