Friday, August 13, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday!


(Note:  It was over 100 degrees in Magnolia, AR today.)  I looked up at the last second witnessed a very strange accident today in our small, quiet little town.  A Toyota 4-Runner flipped over on its side after running up on the back of the vehicle in front of it.  It kinda flipped over in slow motion.  They might have been going 5 mph.  Very freaky.  There was only one car between our car and the accident.  Santa and I pulled over and got out to see if we could help.  The employees at the Oil and Lube shop quickly jumped up on the passenger side of the vehicle to open the doors.  When they did they pulled out 2 little kids first.  Then a lady was pulled out.  She didn't have any shoes, so she quickly got over to the side of the road where she could stand in some grass.  

We waited on the side of the road while they flipped her vehicle back over on its wheels.  The whole time she still can't figure out how in the world she got flipped over on her side when she didn't even remember hitting the other vehicle.  Probably because she didn't really hit it, she kind of drove over it a little.  

We convinced her to get the kids out of the heat and wait for the police and tow truck on the side walk in front of Oil and Lube.  I sat with a little girl who was 4 years old.  The lady told us she had come to from El Dorado (35 minutes away) to bring some papers over and to get the kids some ice cream, then she was going to go back home.  

She was so nervous, and trying to call some people in El Dorado to give her the information the police needed.  She had just bought the 4 Runner yesterday.  I really didn't do anything but sit and talk to this little girl while she was on the phone.  Then out of the blue, my friend from church came over with some cold sodas for the kids and the lady.  What a sweet thing to do.  I found out later that she had called 911 as well.

Santa and I offered to give her a ride back to El Dorado.  So we waited while they came to tow her truck and all she could keep asking everyone was, "Is it totaled?  Is my ride fixable?"

She was able to find someone to come and give her a ride home.  Then Santa helped her get all of the car seats and stuff out of her car.  
This really wasn't my "Pay It Forward", it was my friend's because I didn't do anything, but I did witness it.  There were a lot more people who jumped right in and started helping, but none of them stayed around to get any credit.  I thought this was the perfect example of "Pay It Forward".


  1. Wow, I love it when we experience first hand, the human spirit. I am glad everyone was ok :) And yes, you did do something, you could've just driven by, you and Santa didn't, and you took the time and patience to talk to the little girl, it must have been scary for her! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh, that was freaky! Thank God everyone was okay! I think the more amazing part was everyone jumped in to help. Usually you see people just walking away not wanting to get involved. Thank the Lord they were okay. Hope you all are fine too after such an experience. Have a good weekend.


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