Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a Yellow House - Photo Challenge On the Road

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Wow what a perfect photo challenge for Mrs. Claus. . . . cause people, I have been ON THE ROAD!  

We just made a weekend trip to Chicago to watch the Cubs play at Wrigley field.  It was the longest road-trip, but we had such a fun time!  More pictures from that trip to come tomorrow, but for now . . .
The Chicago skyline through the windshield.  This one would be my entry for the photo contest.  I think it looks very urban.
Another shot of the skyline through the windshield.  I especially like the beads from Africa that hang on my rearview mirror that are in this shot!  

Here is a shot from inside Wrigley field that i just had to share.  It's my favorite from this weekend.
Pretty sweet, right?



  1. Love that you entered and I love your blog. I'm your newest follower!

  2. I love Chicago and those pics are awesome. So jealous by the way, that you went to Wrigley.

  3. Beautiful! and your blog is so cute!

  4. I Love Chicago! I think that I have sat RIGHT where you took that photo from before-- great seats!

  5. Great photos, I absolutely love
    Chicago. If it weren't for the winters I would love to live there.


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