Monday, August 2, 2010

I Work for an Amazing God

Some of you may remember that I have been gone for the past 2 weeks.  The first week to Kentucky to see family while Santa was working at a show and last week I was in Talihina, Oklahoma at Summit Camp youth camp.  

I had a freakin-amazing time hanging out our students all week.  Singing songs in the van, worshiping and praying and going to REC (recreation) with them each day.  I was their "official" photographer for the week, and took pictures of them everywhere we went.  I had over 900 pictures by the time we got home.  (I know, I know, right?  I have a problem . . . I should really join a group or something.)

I will put some of them up as soon as I get caught up on some work.  But I just had to tell you all how much fun I had and share just one story with you.  We had such a great week, worshipping and listening to Afshin Ziafat bring us the message twice a day. Afshin is an amazing speaker and his testimony of how he became a Christian in a strict Muslim family is pretty cool.

One of the truly amazing things happened on the way home.  We got to Texarkana, AR and our van broke down.  No one was hurt, but check this out.  That van ran perfectly all the way there and back until we got to Texarkana.  We broke down at Highland Hills Baptist Church.  A member named Steven just happened to be there taking down some props from VBS and had the air conditioners turned on.  Steven was very nice and let us come in and get out of the 100 degree heat.  He was trying to find some of the other members to help him take down the VBS props, but with no luck.  So our students helped move props and really made short work of this.  I was really proud of them, no complaining or whining that we were broke down and they all jumped in to help out.  Even after waiting more than an hour, our students never complained, and were actually happy when they saw the chalkboard wall in the classroom where we were allowed to wait.

My God allowed us to break down at the best possible place where we could have air-conditioning, bathrooms and water.  Thank you Highland Hills!!  

Now, THAT is one amazing God, that's MY God!



  1. Our God is an awesome God. He answers our prayers sometimes before we even ask Him to take care of some little or big problem. The prayer is already being answered. God is good.


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