Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maui - Before and After

Check out Monica's blog for more great Before and After shots.
Okay, okay . . .just one real quick!  

This is the Maui coast, and if you were following along while we were on vacation you will recognize this is the spot of Reese's accident.  (NOTE:  For those of you who were wondering, we did take her to the doctor and got some blood work done, and she's normal.  Although Dr. Mom (aka: Mrs. Claus) suggested she get back to taking her vitamins with iron . . . just in case.)

Gorgeous, right?   (SOOC)

I love that Santa has the SOOC shots on his computer and I can still see those.  They are gorgeous even without editing, but just look what a little LightRoom preset (Old Film) can do.  It really does come to life, doesn't it?

Whoa . . . I know right.  

And, yet this still doesn't come close to being there, but this is a little closer than the SOOC shot.  God is such an awesome artist and it is always inspiring to me to see all these natural wonders and try to capture them.


  1. Very nice edit. It's a beautiful photo.

  2. Wow, great shot. The edit is almost over the top but it looks so very cool! Great job!! Here is my entry.

  3. I love your edit! I wish I were there right now! It reminds me of one of those vintage south seas post cards! Very cool!
    You are so right! God always spoils us by making everything so awe inspiring!

  4. I think that the old film look really adds interest to your photo!

  5. fabulous edit!! really does some popping!! and yes, God is a fabulous author of nature!!


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