Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the 21st anniversary for Santa and I, so I guess that makes us LEGAL!  LOL!

An Unlikely Love Story
You can read about how we met by clicking the above link ... if you have time to read it.

When I met Santa, there was just something inside that told me exactly this, "He is one of the  good guys."  I don't know if any of you experienced that when you met your husbands, but that was the voice inside my head.  And believe me my head was a mess when I met him, so I imagine this voice was screaming at the top of it's lungs, but I only heard a faint whisper.  When you are messed up you tend to overlook the best things and choose the worst.  Even though our story didn't start from pure and chaste beginnings, I still believe that it was God's beautiful plan for our lives.  

This is what my father told me a few months before he died.  That David and Bathsheba didn't start out well, but God used it for good and now you guys have Joshua, and that's a good thing.

I will never forget this letter that my dad wrote to me, forgiving me for my past mistakes.  It is burned into my heart forever.  This is what gives me joy when I think of how Jesus forgives us.  I know the joy I felt when I read this tangible letter from my earthly dad, but I can only imagine the letter Jesus would write forgiving me of everything else.  If you don't know THIS joy, email me and I'll tell you how you can.  CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading and following this little blog!  Hope you have a super-fabolous (Just Kidding) kind of day.


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