Monday, July 19, 2010

. . . gotta love awards!

Thanks to Kathy at Everyday Mommy for this beautiful Pink Award!  I got it for being one of her newest followers.  Isn't that sweet to give awards to your newest followers?  (Hmm, I could do that too!)

Accepting the Pink Award does not end here. There are a few wonderful rules to accepting the award and they are as follows:

Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award. Share 7 things about your self.  Pass the award to 7 fellow bloggers that inspire you.  Let them know about the award. :-)

7 things about me...

1.  I am an imperfect soul saved by grace.  I pray that you are too.  
2.  I love to edit photos, probably because I suck at taking them.
3.  I am a 40something Great Grandmother expecting my third great grandchild in Feb '11.
4.  Our last child graduates in May '11 . . . I can see the finish line!  Woo hoo!
5.  I am a technology junkie. . . I got this addiction from my husband, who is worse than I am. (laptops, ipod, iphone, ipad, flatscreen, xbox, ps3, wii, and even our cars have Sync in them)
6.  I am an annoying tourist.  I love to stop at all the state border signs and make everyone get out and take a picture.  Or go to the ends of the earth just to snap a picture of Charles Lindberg's grave. (ha ha ha )
7.  I have a twisted sense of humor.  I love this joke that my niece "J" just posted on my facebook wall:

What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup.  Anybody can roast beef but nobody can pee soup.  


For the 7 bloggers who receive this award I am also choosing the 7 newest followers.  Here are the lucky winners!!



  1. Look at that, it truly is like Christmas every single day!!! Thank you very much for the award :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for the award! I appreciate it so much!

    xo Erin

  3. You have got to be the youngest great-grandma I know! Congrats on another award. ;) And yay me for being 1 of your newest followers... thank you, thank you! :D

  4. I just had to come over and check out a blog that boasts a writer named Mrs. Claus! That's delightful!

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  6. I removed my last comment. Spelling errors. Thank you so much for the award!!! I'm honored.

  7. Congrats on you award and you grandchild:) How exciting.


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