Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learning to Walk

 (Imagine the Pink Floyd song "Learning to Fly" playing in the background.)

Okay, Friday, Santa and I left work early to go to Texarkana for office supplies. We went to the movies and had sushi and after that we went shoe shopping, yeah did I marry well or what?  

Really, Santa needed new tennis shoes, and he wanted me to try on some Skechers ShapeUps.  I didn't think I would like them, but I reluctantly tried them on and they were incredibly comfortable.  So we bought them, and then when I got home and tried them out. 

So there is this little insert that tells you "how to use them properly" . . . How to Walk?  Are you kidding me?

" . . . step forward with the middle section of your heel hitting the ground first.  This should give you the feeling of walking in soft ground.  Roll forward onto the ball of your foot and then the flat part of your toes."

Seriously? Seriously.  Step with the middle of your heel and roll your foot forward to the flat part of your toe.  So I'm laughing and I'm trying to read the instructions for how to walk in these shoes. . .omgosh!  So I went in the living room where Reese's is playing xBox and said, "Pause the game.  Watch! Watch!  Tell me if I'm doing this right?"  (*still laughing*)  

Step with middle of heel.  (*steps out with toe first*) Oh wait!  I didn't do it right, let me try again.  (*steps out with toe first again*)  Uuuggghh!  I'll never get the hang of this.  (*Reese's is cracking up.*)  Okay, let me try again . . . (*pretending to re-read the instruction insert*)  Too hilarious!

Just when you thought it was safe to read your blog updates. . . Mrs. Claus strikes again!  ROFL!!  Come on people, this was hilarious!



  1. Must have been one of those location things. LOL

    I want to get me a pair of those. Think I will now. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the laughs. Lori

  2. O my what an awful mom I was. I shouold have had a manuel to teach you how to walk correctly. You be sure to tell the girls so they can make sure they teach their little one the right way to walk. Bwlol. So funny.


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