Friday, June 4, 2010

Flash-Back-Friday - Ghost

Did you ever say something you believed, and then someone showed you something that made you reconsider?  I said, "I don't believe in ghosts."

Friday Photo Flashback

So for flashback Friday, here is what Santa showed me.

This is a picture of my husband's ex-wife. Really?

Yes, really.  I am submitting this picture to see what you guys really think ... not of Santa's ex-wife, but of the television in the background.  

I don't know how well this shows up on your computer, but on the actual photo, you can see a woman's face in the television screen.  Santa assures me HE took this picture, and that the television was off when he took it.  He and his whole family were shocked when it was developed to see this image in a tv that was not on.  I know there is like a huge scratch down the center of the screen, but on the actual photo it's just a bend and not a scratch.  This was from before 1985, because that is when Santa and his first wife divorced, but I am not sure of the year.  

I know the person who took this photo.
This person is of sound mind.
This person affirms that the television in this photo was off at the time the picture was taken.
I have never seen a "real" ghost.
I have never met Santa's first wife in person (even after 21 years of marriage).
Ghosts are mentioned several times in the Bible.
This television was not brand new, or free from problems.  It would come on sometimes at 3:00 a.m. full volume and wake the whole house.

Skittles and I spent some time on-line yesterday looking up ghosts in a tv and found very few instances or pictures on-line. (Skittles is my research assistant.  Anytime we have a mystery we are the ones in our family digging for the answer.  He is also my genealogy research person.  Always looking for the truth.) I wanted to find some kind of electronic phenomenon which would debunk the whole image in a powerless television site, but I didn't find one.  

Anyway, there you have it, evidence for your review.  And HAPPY FRIDAY!!  So have YOU had an experience with a haunted television, or haunted house?  Comment and let me know.
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  1. ok, that is just creepy! I really want to say I don't believe in ghosts, but that picture? How do we explain it??
    Loved all your pictures lately, your family is so adorable. You are blessed.

  2. No experiences with haunted things here! I can't even go through a haunted house because I'm a big fraidy cat! This post has me spooked! :-)

  3. Creepy! Maybe the ghost turned on the tv at 3am!! :-) I'm not much of a believer in ghosts but I have had a few unexplainable things happen to me.

    While visiting Alcatraz, I got a picture of me in front of the morgue. Inside the morgue you can see an Indian looking man standing behind me. Maybe I'll post that pic for my Flashback Friday next week!

    Visiting from More Than Words. Happy Friday!


    Check these out!

  5. Oh my gosh, that does look creepy! Not the ex-wife, but the TV..LOL.

  6. Oh my! It's 12:45 am and I'm all alone in the loft, reading you blog!
    I think, I'll go to bed now.

  7. Hm...sounds like that tv had some problems, for sure!

    Oh side note...just noticed on your sidebar...your hometown is Owensboro, KY? Do you still live in KY? Hopefully, some day my hubby and I will be bak in KY,near where are kids are going to college. (got distracted :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. Happy Saturday! Found you from FF- following you now! Follow me back! Lets keep in touch! :)

  9. That is just so weird. The face has a "haunting" look to it, lol. Just stopping by through FF 40 and Over. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  10. Oh my gosh!!! Yeah, I have had creepy things happen to me - I used to work in a store in Portland that I swear had a ghost. The fitting room doors would open and close by themselves, even when locked from the outside, and things would fly off the shelves. Not fall, FLY! I witnessed it all myself...

    Happy Follow Me Friday!

  11. Now come on you know every one of these women want to say it, and personally I think they're both a little creepy! There I said it. Sorry! You're much prettier MUCH! Now back to creepy there! My daughter experienced something similar this past February here's the link
    Check it out! WE ARE NOT ALONE! LOL Have a great weekend!

  12. I believe in ghosts. That picture in the TV is spooky. I believe the TV comes on by itself. The printer I have for my computer comes on by itself too. Gives me a start if I'm sitting by it and it does it. I attribute it to power surges we get in our neck of the prairie (you thought I'd type woods). I even have it plugged into a surge protector and it still does it.


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