Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 6 - Dolphins and Snorkeling

Wow, last day of vacation was fabulous.

We took a Pacific Whale Foundation snorkeling tour.  Reese's, Skittles, and Santa all went snorkeling, but not Mrs. Claus. I was focusing on NOT getting sea-sick.  I took some sea-sick medicine, but the last snorkeling trip Santa and I took was not good, so I was a little nervous. But they had a blast and here are some of the pictures.

We did see three different species of dolphins on the way to the snorkeling location.  
This was the best shot of the dolphins.  We saw more of them, but they are hard to capture with a camera.
My crew snorkeling.

For those of you who are following along, we got some shots of Reese's chin and thought you might be interested in the damage from Day 5.

Tomorrow is travel day, but we won't actually be home until Friday.  So I guess this will be the last post until I get back.  I hope you enjoyed my vacation . . .I know I did.  It was so relaxing!   

Just one more thing, it may be past my mom's birthday by now, but Happy Birthday Momma!  I love you!


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