Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 5 - Blow Hole and Reese's

Day 5 was very eventful day, we got up and got out pretty early and drove down the coast past our condo and found some pretty amazing coastline.  So we stopped and took a bunch of pictures.

So okay, now all bets are off because these are just amazing pictures.  I don't know how many it will be but it won't be 161 which is how many I took on our 3 hour trek.  That's only because Santa said we can't stay here all day, but I could have.

See what I mean?  No words  . . . 

This is the blow hole we climbed down  the mountain to see.  You can see Skittles on the right.  Then on the far right Reese's and Santa on the cliff.  (No I did not go up there.)
Reese's and Skittles by the blow hole.

On the way back up the mountain, Reese's took mine and Santa's picture by this heart-shaped rock.  Cute huh?
Another Reese's original idea, to snap the waves through the heart.  Pretty cool.

Then on the way up the mountain, Reese's and I took a little break, because we were out of breath.  She was complaining with her heart hurting, and being tired.  So we sat for a few minutes.  Then when I thought she had rested enough I told her to come on so we could catch up to the guys.  When she went to get up her face hit the rocks.  She passed out cold.  I didn't know what to do but try to pick her head up off the side of the mountain while I was screaming for her to get up and telling Santa that Reese's had passed out.  She has multiple scrapes and bruises under her chin and on her neck.  She had dirt in her mouth and hair.  

Then Santa who, if you are not familiar with our family. . . has had 2 heart attacks . . .YIKES!, packed Reese's up the mountain on his back.  This is the easy part of the climb when I could actually get my camera out to get a shot.  Isn't he the best dad in the whole wide world?

It was really scary.  I don't know if her blood sugar bottomed out or if she is just out of shape, but we have found more scrapes and scratches since we got back, some on her legs and some on her back.  Guess we're making an appointment when we get home to get some blood work done. 

Wow!  What a vacation so far. . . .



  1. Awesome! Really pretty! Looks like lots of fun!

  2. Your pictures are awe inspiring! Isn't our God wonderful that He made these magnificent panoramas for us. Hope the rest of your vacation is just as beautiful.

  3. I have to tell you that reading your blog is like riding a roller coaster. Going up I'm looking at the beautiful scenery (that beach really was gorgeous!!! And I love the heart rock!) and relaxing, but then suddenly, the plunge...and OMG, your Reeces did a face plant into dirt and rocks. Wow! I'm SO glad she was okay, and what an amazing dad to carry her all the way out, especially considering his history of heart attacks. You must have been completely stressed. Hope you have a few more vacation days to relax again (no more scares, okay?) and unwind. Can't wait to hear more!


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