Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 4 - The Luau


Today was a relaxing day, starting with Hawaiian Village Coffee, some shopping, some Cold Stone frozen coffee and then some time in the sun.  A little by the pool, until it started raining, but still raining while the sun was shining.  Watching the waves from the balcony was very relaxing, before our luau.

No Hawaiian vacation would be complete without a good old luau.  We were pretty close to the stage area, but without a flash, well you know the pictures weren't going to be all that great.  But I turned the shutter speed down low and shot away and well, you tell me if you think these turned out good.  

One more picture . . .I know I'm breaking my own rules for vacation blogging, but this one is just freakin' hilarious! Hope you are not too bored seeing my vacation pictures.

Santa with two hula girls!  Totally hilarious!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening.  (*smiles to herself*) 


  1. Following you from FMBT and loving your blog. Cracking up at the photos, especially the "mug shots" at the top. :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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  3. Don't stop! I love the pictures. I've never had much of a leaning towards a Hawaiian vacation and so I'm doing it vicariously thru you and your photos. I love the one of the summit above the clouds.


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  6. You are too funny! I love Christmas so much, so naturally I thought I'd love your blog!

  7. Hawaii!! Hope your having lots of fun!


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