Monday, June 21, 2010

DAY 3 - The Road to Hana

So if any of you have been to Maui before, you are familiar with "The Road to Hana", if not I'm going to help you out by giving you a sneak peak at this option for your Maui vacation.

Since we already rented a car the cost for this activity was only gas and having a day to do the trip.  This 42-mile road twists and turns along the coast of Maui with 59 one lane bridges and over 600 curves it takes over 4 hours just in driving time round trip.  Gorgeous scenery and coastline photos, along with the beautiful waterfalls.

You can see how tiny the roads are and many times we had to either stop and yield to the other car or even backup to let another car pass.

We were gone all day, unfortunately Hawaii has experienced less rainfall and the waterfalls were "turned down" to a trickle.  But even the pictures that I am posting do not come close to the real thing.  You have to experience some things in person.

But here is my pick for the picture of the day.

Where the waves are crashing into the lava rock, with the spray splashing Reese's and Santa . . . totally cool.



  1. Boy the scenery is so awesome. How can any in their right mind deny that there is a God who put it all in place? Would love to expoerience this with you. Have fun and relax.

  2. I think Maui is my favorite place in the whole world!!!! It is just so amazing!! I'm so jealous you're there and I am sitting here in the brown that is the high desert of So Cal!!! Haha!


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