Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black and White Wednesay - Memorial Day Pics

Memorial Day Weekend was fun at the Burns' house.  I love pictures in the pool.

Reese's does not love pictures.  (Can you tell?)  But this is one of the black and white shots I took from my lounge chair!  Ice cream sandwich and all!!

Itty Bitty in her pink princess boat.

Jar in his red cars boat. 
JP tossing Itty Bitty in the air.

Wow! FOUR man high!  JP, MC, TY and Reese's on top.  She looks worried doesn't she?  This only lasted 2 seconds, but I caught it on film?  er uh . . digital? . . .oh well, I caught it anyway.
Bit O Honey, playing with Itty Bitty!!

Star burst, Jar and Charms - what a great family shot.

We had a lot of fun, well, until they got the call about their great-grandfather passing away.  He had been sick for several years with Alzheimer's, but it is still so sad when they pass away.  Prayers going out today to Twix, Star burst, and Bit o Honey and for their whole family.

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