Saturday, May 29, 2010

Winner of Mrs. Claus Gifted Blogger Award!

(*drum roll*)
Six of you wonderful bloggers entered my contest.  Actually five, because my mom entered, and sorry Mom, but I can't give you the award. (*drum roll stops*) I would, but since you are my mom, I think it would be a conflict of interest and I'm sure the blogging police would come down on me and shut down my little contest.  But I love you Mom!  I know you are my biggest fan!  And now for the winner. . .

(*drum roll*)
I would like to thank all of you for entering and for following my blog.  I appreciate you as followers . . . followers?  Isn't that an ugly thing, (*drum roll stops again*) let's just call you friends.  Thanks for being my friend. (*drummer rolls HIS eyes*) I now have a whopping 81 friends following my blog, I will be so excited when I hit 100!  (*day dreams a little to herself* ~ "Ah 100 followers er. . . uh . . . friends, yes, FRIENDS.")  

Well, now without further ado, the five remaining contestants are anxiously awaiting the winner . . . (*waits for the drum roll to start up again*) 

Drummer, if you don't mind, can I have another drum roll please?

(*drummer throws sticks across room and leaves in a huff*)
Aww man, come on, I was just playing around. . . .(*drummer keeps walking*) . .  I'll still pay you.

Okay, well maybe a drum roll is too much to ask for this contest.  Now I have chosen the winner.  There were so many different types of entries, if you haven't had a chance you should read them.  CLICK HERE.   

 . . . and the winner is . . . . (*silence*)   (*thinks to herself* "Er . . . well a silence is easy with NO crowd and now NO drummer!!").  


Now Teresa can grab this blog award and post it on her blog.

I really enjoyed Teresa's entry.  You can tell the subject is dear to her heart.  I had a little trouble getting started on the story, because I didn't know all the characters, since I had not been a follower of her blog, but once I figured out who they were and how they were all connected, the story flowed.  

This was definitely a hard decision to make, but only one blogger can be the winner.  Congratulations, Teresa!!!!

This was a lot of fun!  I hope you had fun too.  Tell all your friends about this award, and maybe next time we will have more entries.  Next month I will be on vacation, and then there is youth camp and well, maybe after summer we will have another MC-Gifted contest!  


  1. Too bad about the drummer....I was enjoying his input.

  2. He was kind of a diva, though. I guess he hadn't had his Snickers yet! LOL!!

  3. haha - laughing at what you said to your mum. Love your blog!!


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