Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Winner is. . .

Yeah, so I don't do giveaways . .  .do I?  No, I definitely don't do giveaways.  I just realized if you thought that I was a big giveaway queen because of the name of this blog, "like Christmas every single day", well I guess you were disappointed.  

I like giveaways.  I don't win giveaways.  It's exciting to enter and imagine yourself winning the product listed.  I guess more than that it is the hope of winning, no matter the prize.  The hope that we will be "chosen" by random.org as the single commenter to win the sample-from-an-up-and-coming-blogger/etsy-store valiantly trying to promote their product.

No the winner in this post is ITTY BITTY!
Magnolia Blossom Festival's Queen (12-23 month old division )
The Magnolia Blossom Festival is an annual event in our town, Magnolia, Arkansas.  There is a World Championship Steak Cook-Off every year.  There is a parade, and a craft festival on the square.  Of course, what festival would be complete without a good old beauty pageant?

Itty Bitty was contestant number 8 out of 8 contestants and she won!!  

Her mom, Bit O Honey, was pretty excited, as you can see.

Congratulations!  I love you guys!



  1. So cute! Is she eating the trophy or just kissing it? ha!

  2. How adorable! Two gorgeous women :)

  3. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog! I also never win giveaways :)
    I'm a new follower. Sorry for returning so late there were just so many from getting the awesome 4th spot. Thanks again!

    <a href="http://momroad.blogspot.com>~Amber @ The Mom Road</a>


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