Friday, May 28, 2010

. . .there's no such thing as perfect people!

I loved the photo shoot with Itty Bitty, and I thank all of you for the wonderful comments.  However, you have to know, she did NOT want to have her picture made.  Naturally, I want to remember her in pictures like this one.

Sweet . . . angelic . . .  precious right?

But the truth is, there were more shots like this one.

Just so you know, there's no such thing as perfect people.  Shots like this just usually don't get published.  I just thought you should know, Itty Bitty isn't angelic all the time.  Thought you could use some reality this Friday!  Have a great holiday weekend!



  1. SO cute! I have many school pics of my son scowling into the camera. He wasn't an unhappy boy, just hated picture day!

  2. love it!! thats how 90% of my pictures look!

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  6. I love to post my "imperfect" photos. They make me laugh.

  7. I think the imperfect photo's are "real".
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