Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(*rolls eyes like J.D. from Scrubs and thinks to herself*) . . .what if . .

What if. . . . what if I was the next Jonathan Acuff, or Stephen King . . . (*shakes head as if to tell herself "NO, no those two don't go together."*) . . . what if my blog award was the greatest thing to hit the blogging community and everyone wanted one and then Ellen wanted to interview me on her show . . . would that lead to Jay Leno?  

(*snaps back to reality*)

Okay people. . .  for real. . . .first of all I AM NOT DELUDED, well I,  . . . may be, but let's just go with no for now.  I have just successfully stopped following all the giveaway blogs I had joined last month.  I thought what a cool thing I had found when I saw you could win free stuff.  Yeah, the part I missed was me and 10,000 of my blogger friends would all be competing for the same prize.  Not as bad as lottery odds, but still slim to none that I would win.

I still have photography blogs that I follow and I still enter contests (photography contests) but without valuable prizes.  (Okay, some have valuable prizes, but most just have the good ole joy of winning and the fun of competition.)

I also realized I was chasing Blog Awards on my blog.  I love those little 200 x 200 graphics that say someone thought about me when they were trying to "now pass this award on to 15 bloggers you feel deserve this award too".  Okay, I wasn't fooling myself into believing that these awards were real, I knew they were glorified MySpace bulletin posts with a twist.  But I was serious when I decided to create a one-of-a-kind blog award of my own.

The whole reason I started blogging was so I could form complete sentences again in practice for delving back into the software documentation I am so NOT famous for and really have something a user would be able to read.  After doing accounting/bookkeeping for months without having to write documentation you get out of the habit of working with words, and you just think if I could make one more macro/formula this spreadsheet would practically fill in by itself.  (I know, right?. . . it's a sad, sad world inside my brain sometimes.)  

I have enjoyed writing for most of my life.  My mother is my biggest fan, just like most writers, but I hate reading.  Is that weird?  (*shrugs*)  <----THIS is my favorite thing to come out of blogging/myspacing/facebooking/texting/chatting online and that is the parenthetical action that goes with what you are trying to communicate.  I LOVE THIS! (*smiles and looks fondly at the little arrow thingy pointing, and thinks "cute"*)

I probably use it too much, but the little smiley faces or emoticons just don't say quite what I was trying to get across, so these little "PA's" (*thinks "Yeah, that's right, I just made that up."*) really come in handy when you have something to say/show.

So, what was I saying? oh yeah.  I love to write, and really you must at least like to write even if you don't like-like it, because you write a blog, right? (*smiles to herself for the write/right thing*) I really just thought it would be a great way to bring to the top that blog post you really love.  

. . . . the one-of-a-kind blog award is available to YOU if you have something worth reading on your blog.  I'm serious, it can be ANY post about ANY thing.  Link up so that I can read it.  I don't hate reading your blogs, but I hate reading fiction .. .  now you know THAT'S weird.



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  1. I think we're all a little deluded. I don't know how we would survive in this world if we weren't!

    I'll definitely be back. Who wouldn't be down for Christmas every day? ;)


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