Monday, May 17, 2010

Mono Monday - Motherhood

Mono Monday this week is about motherhood, and this is one of the shots from our bowling tournament weekend in Memphis/Southaven.

This little guy was a real trooper this weekend.  With all the getting in and out of the car seat and stroller, he was a perfect angel and in such a great mood.  He deserves a post all to him self today.  Way to go P-man!

This IS motherhood to me, the sunblock, the hat, the stroller all so P-man can join in the fun of Putt Putt golf with us.  


  1. I left an award on my page for you! :)


  2. Mine would have never gone with that! What a sweetie you have!! :)

    Kristin @ Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wanna Be

  3. .. . oh right. Sorry I should have said, P-man is not mine. He is some friends of ours little boy. But he is a sweetie! :)

  4. what a cutie... That is definitely motherhood. too cute :)


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