Monday, May 31, 2010

Mono Monday - Moon

Black and White Moon, is a tough one to capture.  This was my first attempt.  It looks like it would be easy a big yellow moon against a black sky . . .but it doesn't play out like that on the camera.  

But after a few more attempts with my Sony Cybershot, I was able to get one that looked pretty clear.  

You can really see the outline of the moon, even in black and white. (*winks at the camera*).  Happy Memorial Day!  Happy Monday!  


  1. Thought about your comment on my blog Friday when we had a fun thing happen to us on Sunday afternoon.

    Thank you for blessing us -

  2. I really love it!!!! You went completely out side the box and captured it. hehe. Awesome job. Thanks for always joining in and all the wonderful things you always say. You are such an inspiration.


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