Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess where I went today?

Okay, seriously we all know this (above picture) is NOT possible, but this was the view I had for about an hour waiting in my oh-so-comfortable paper gown, in an ice cold exam room.  Lovely.

Well, come to find out, I tested POSITIVE  . . . again . . . for being a girl.  So in another year, I guess they'll have to test me again.  

The best part is I am healthy.  Blood pressure is low, weight is good, no issues, hormone levels normal, no swelling, no pain, no periods (so what is there to complain about really). I don't like the fact that I have to keep going back every year and proving to them that I AM healthy, for a nice doctor bill.  But I guess that's what you gotta do.  

My real question today is not where I went.  What I want to know today is how old were you when you started yearly mammograms?  (if you have started)  I argued with my OB/GYN today and told him that I didn't want to go until I was 50.  I am 45 almost 46 years old and I had one done about 6 years ago.  Don't start screaming at me yet . . . there is NO history of breast cancer in my family, and I breast-fed my first child for one year.  Starting at 40 years old I think is a little much, but maybe I just wasn't in the mood to go to the "girl" doctor today.  What do you think?


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