Wednesday, May 26, 2010


1.  I'm glad I don't have to wear makeup or fix my hair for my husband to grab me in front of Walmart and hug me.
2.  I'm glad it's strawberry season.
3.  I'm glad to be going on vacation to Hawaii in only 3 weeks!
4.  I'm glad to have a good report on my husband from Arkansas Cardiology Center
5.  I'm glad to have a house where friends love to come and hang out, and swim and eat.
6.  I'm glad it rained yesterday and washed the water spots off my "clean" car.
7.  I'm glad our annual convention is in Louisville, Kentucky this year so I can visit family.
8.  I'm glad I have great grandchildren to play with and photograph.
9.  I'm glad to have a garden this year that the deer haven't eaten.
10. I'm glad for God's forgiveness when I am stubborn and hard-headed.  He always takes me back.

Can you find 10 things to be glad about?  I bet if you do, it will change your attitude too!


  1. What a beautiful gladitude post. I enjoyed reading it.

    Strawberry season is the BEST!!!

    And Hawaii? Marvelous. :)

  2. Those are a great list of glads :) I am kinda jealous you are going on vacation thought. enjoy :)


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