Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you gifted? - Today's the day to prove it!

Today is the first day of the first Mrs. Claus' Gifted Blogger Award!  Today is the day to link up and show us what you got!  If you have a blog post you are particularly proud of, you know the one you re-read (or link to in other posts) and pat yourself on the back with every word. This is the post you want to enter in my newest contest.

Plus a new button for my sidebar!  Yay!!    Click on this button to find the entry post for 

Have you written something that you want everyone to read?  Do you wish more people would read what you have to say?  Here's your chance to show-off!  Well written, thought provoking, heart-felt or just funny, I will choose the best one and award that blogger with the first ever Gifted Blogger Award!  I know, right?  But I don't do giveaways, and I don't have fabulous prizes.  If this whole contest thing goes good, we might just have to showcase that blogger in a future post.  Hey, this is my first time, so I don't know how it will go.  

If you are the only one . . . you win automatically, right?  LOL!

Okay, so you can click on the button to find the contest entry, either on this post or on the side-bar.  You can write a new post or link to a previous post.  Be sure to include the URL of the post and not just the home page of you blog.

I will announce the winner on June 1st.  Until then, start blazing up the keyboards.  

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