Thursday, April 22, 2010

OMGosh! OMGosh! OMGosh! - Better than winning a giveaway!

Friday Follow
(I know this post was from yesterday, but I'm on my way to Hot Springs for a bowling tournament, so this will have to do.  If you follow me I'll follow back.  Have a great weekend.)

Ladies and gentlemen!  May I have your attention please. . . 

Santa is real!

That's right!  It's official!!

He downloaded the latest version of LightRoom for me (*humbly takes a bow*).  Yes!  I am soooo excited!!  I am about to BUST WIDE OPEN!   Do you know how many photos I have that desperately need to be run through LR2?  All of them!!!  I'm going to be totally worthless!!  Lucky for me I have several bowling tournaments lined up for the months to come, which means lots of driving / editing time in the truck!   Woo hoo!

*for those of you who don't know LightRoom is a photo editing software that is AMAZING!  I have been using a beta copy for the past month, and I can't stop editing pictures.  I did ask my husband to please install it on my laptop at home instead of my office workstation (where it is currently installed), otherwise I will be fired! Because I can't control myself.  It's THAT good.
Now that I am done gushing, I will let you in on a little secret.  It's not really my husband that is so great, although he is pretty great. 

Last night I was obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and asked my husband's advice about an issue I was having.  My husband's advice is always the best, but I rarely ask for it, because I think I am sooo smart.  I needed to be reminded that my husband is my head!  The one that protects me and advises me and the one God gave me!  So when I did this . . . what do you know the very next day! Blessings!!  How cool is our God, huh?  Pretty cool!

I started reading "The Fruit of her Hands" by Nancy Wilson.  It really opened my eyes to some areas where I wasn't being submissive to my husband.  I know, right?  Those of you who know me are thinking, wow, cause I am already pretty submissive . . . even my old rebellious self rarely goes against what my husband says.  However, it's not just about being compliant, or asking permission for things.  It's more about the attitude that God gave this husband to you ON PURPOSE!  He's yours! Why do you think that is?  If I stop and think about it, I know why, it's because I would be totally out of control and probably living out of a cardboard box without him. I would spend every waking moment in la-la land and give half of my possessions away most of them the ones I need.  He is my regulator.  Which he reminded me of last night on the way home from bowling.  Very nice.

The part I am reading right now is about a woman's Christian ministry, and that your husband does not have to support you in YOUR ministry.  If you are not a wife FIRST then you are not helping your husband.  You are to help him in what he's doing (even if it's not ministry). Yeah, that's right.  You were made to HELP your husband!  He doesn't have to support what you are doing.  He doesn't have to get on board with what you want him to do.  (*a hush falls over the crowd as stunned women reading this stop sipping their coffee and their mouths hang open*)

You are to be obedient to your own husband. Titus 2:5  God appointed YOU as your husband's helper, YOU, not anyone else.  So are you?   . . . . (*whispers*) helping?

More posts from this book as I keep reading and growing.  Thanks again to my wonderful, super-fabulous husband for the LightRoom . .  I can't stop smiling!  . . . . like Christmas every single day!



  1. I am so grateful that I was taught about submission before I was married...of course my jaw hit the floor! It's an everyday struggle for this maybe I should read that book! Thanks for this! :) oh, and I was going to put my award on my blog...I typed it all up (took forever!) and then it ALL got deleted! I was so mad I couldn't finish! lol

  2. What a lovely blog! I am now following you from Friday Follow and will definitely be back to read more:) Please come by and follow back when you can:)


  3. what a great post, thanks for the reminder that i need to be more of a helper...i forget that sometimes in my laziness :)
    thanks for posting the button & i am now a follower! have a great friday!

  4. I have heard a little about light room but wasn't sure about it. I think I am going to check it out now. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. love the style of your blog, i love christmas! all year round SURE! found you on friday follow, follow back!
    can't wait to read MORE!!

  6. Wonderful post. Thanx for the scriptural reminder. When Jesus is the reason for the season, then yes, it's CHRISTmas everyday.

    Nice to meet you from FF.

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  8. Happy Friday Follow!!!

  9. Following you thru Friday Follow. Nice to meet you and hope that bowling tourny went well!
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  10. What a great blog...and since Christmas is my business....I really love it...Had a few hours to blog hop glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....

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