Saturday, April 10, 2010

My 3 April Kids - 10 on the 10th

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Well, this is the month of April, and believe it or not THREE of my FOUR children were born in April.  So what?  Am I extra fertile in July and August?  Who knows, the fact remains 3 birthdays in April and 1 in November is how our family rolls.

So I thought I would list 10 random things about the 3 April kids.   So it's really 30 things, but hey who's counting, right?  Besides it's only fair that each kid gets 10 things.  

Wow this may take a while  . . . I'm going to get a cup of coffee first.  Hang on!
Okay . .  here we go!
1.  Lollipop was my first born.  She was born in Heidelberg, Germany, while her father was stationed there when he was in the Army.
2.  My first husband passed out "It's a Boy" cigars to all the players on his softball team BEFORE Lollipop was born. (Hilarious!)
3.  I predicted her birth weekend.  She was due the first week in May, but some softball players asked if I would be at the next softball game and I said, "No, duh, I'll be having a baby that weekend."  That was 2 weeks early.  A little freaky.

4.  I breast-fed Leah for a whole year.  Not because I was some kind of mega-super-mom, but because we were in Germany living on the economy (which means off base) and we were poor we had limited resources.
5.  At one point, Lollipop had "orange" hair. LOL!!
6.  Lollipop came to live with Santa and I when she was in the 9th grade, and well, you can read for yourself.
7.  When Lollipop gets upset or stressed she gets a fever blister between her nose and upper lip.  Every time without fail, the worse the fever blister the worse the stress.
8.  Lollipop's best friend was killed in the year 2000.  Brit was murdered by her boyfriend when she was only 15 years old.  Lollipop went back to live with her dad shortly after this happened.
9.  Lollipop made me a "Mamaw" for the first time. She has 3 adorable children, and she is a single mom.  Three children no husband.  (Not complaining. . . I'm just saying)
10.  Her real name means "the weary" and when I watch how hard she works, I wish I would have thought a little harder about her name.  Maybe that wouldn't have changed anything, but she is tired a lot.  Even though she is stubborn and hard-headed, I love her for everything she is and everything she is not.

1. Tootsie Pop was born on the Army base at Fort Campbell (home of the 101st Air Born Ooo Rah!).  Yes, my first husband once again passed out "It's a Boy" cigars BEFORE Tootsie Pop was born.  (Not quite as funny this time.)
2.  Tootsie Pop breathed in the birth fluid while she was in the birth canal being born.  She was on an oxygen hood (this was a long time ago) for 5 days before we could take her home.  After that she was fine, but it was a little scary when we were in the middle of it.
3.  Tootsie Pop was only 2 years old when her father and I divorced.  I don't have as many stories about her when she was younger, simply because I wasn't there.  I have more stories about when she was older because she lived with us longer than Lollipop.
4.  When Tootsie Pop came to live with us she was in 7th grade and in the 8th grade we held her back so that she would be able to catch up her grade level before going to 9th grade when her grades would count.
5.  Tootsie Pop was the most gullible of all our children, which means she was so funny to be around.  Click here for a gullible story about Tootsie Pop.
6. Tootsie Pop was born with her Mamaw's feet, for which she has feet issues.  She doesn't wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes  .  . EVER.  I don't see the problem, I think her feet are just fine, but she does.
7.  When Tootsie Pop was learning how to drive, she drove our Expedition into a ditch because she forgot to turn on her blinker.  LOL!
8.  Tootsie Pop graduated from the same high school that her father and I graduated from in Kentucky, because when she turned 16 she went back to live with her dad.
9.  Tootsie Pop recently moved back to Florida where she grew up and I think she is happier living there than when she was in Kentucky.
10.  Her real name means "gazelle" which would imply that she is very graceful, however, Tootsie Pop is the only child (so far) who has fallen down our stairs when wearing high heels.  Go figure.  LOL!  I did not pick out her name, but I love her and every little thing about her.

1.  Skittles (did I mention he hates the candy names?) was born in Memphis, TN, Elvis' hometown.  His birth  was "planned" because he was 2 weeks late.
2.  The closest I ever got to being a SAHM was when Skittles was born.  I quit working for the computer brokerage firm and became a temp for an employment agency.  This meant if they called with a job I could say no, if I wanted to spend the day with Skittles.
3.  When Skittles was only 2 years old he had to be properly "put together".  My sister came to visit and Skittles was standing in the kitchen crying something that she couldn't understand.  When I finally came in, I explained that "Tuckin" meant his shirt wasn't tucked in.  LOL!
4.  Skittles is legally blind, probably thanks to his blind mother.  In first grade when he had the mandatory eye test, he had to get glasses.  We came home from getting the glasses and Skittles got out of the van and said, "Wow, Momma, the trees have leaves on them."  Yeah I cried.  How sad is that?
5.  Skittles has always been very "rules oriented", click here to see what I mean.
5.  Skittles broke his wrist while riding his sister's scooter in our drive way.  He got his cast signed by the crew at the Hard Rock Cafe while we were on vacation.
6.  At church camp his junior year, everyone shaved his head into a mohawk, and Skittles kept it throughout his junior year.
7.  One of Skittles' eyes is half brown and half blue.
8.  Skittles gaged his ears after he graduated from high school.
9.  Skittles went away to college for 1 year and then moved back home to finish at the university in our home town.
10.  His name means, Jehova is salvation.  I know that Josh is passionate about what he believes.  I love him and every little thing about him.



  1. This is a funny and touching list.
    And 3 April Birthdays? That seems amazing! Happy Birthday to your kids and to you, it was your BIRTH day after all too!

  2. They're beautiful kids!

    I came over from Meredith's 10 on the 10th party!

  3. Isn't it fun how different and unique each of our children are from each other? And yet we love them all so much. How interesting they were all born in April. How did you not go broke paying for gifts/parties each year? I'm guessing you saved for April all year long!

  4. Hi, happy 10 on the 10th! You have a precious family, and it's easy to see how proud you are of each of them.

  5. Thanks to all! I would say that it was hard having 3 birthdays in April when they were growing up, but the girls lived with their dad so their birthday was in the summer when they came to visit. It's WAY harder now when everything happens IN April.

  6. They are all beautiful. I like the orange hair fact. That's a lot of April birthdays! How did you handle it when they were younger?!?


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