Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot Springs Weekend

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As many of you already know this weekend I was in Hot Springs at the Arkansas Women's State Tournament.  The first day we bowled our team event in Hot Springs Village and as I said before, I bowled 20-30 pins UNDER my average, which did not help our team out at all.  Everyone was bowling under, so there's really no chance of winning the team event.

While I was bowling Santa was talking to a guy at the Ford dealership in Hot Springs about trading our MKX for an upgraded MKX or maybe even a Ford Edge, which is very similar.

When we got to the car lot after this afternoon of terrible bowling, I saw a new Ford Flex, and decided to give it a test drive.  We had looked at the Lincoln MKT (6 passenger), but it looked really "hearse-ish" (if that is a word), and it was way higher than the MKX.  We drove the Flex and I realized (6 passenger) it had a lot of the features of the MKT, without the ugliness.  

My best friend told me that it looks long, but it's really no longer than any other SUV, it's just that it's low, so it plays tricks on your eyes.  

This vehicle reminds me of Hawaii (don't ask me why), and summer and fun.  Besides what better sleigh for Mrs. Claus that a red and white one, LOL!  What do you really think, let me know in a comment.
Second day of bowling was our doubles and singles events, and they were much better.  Central Lanes in Hot Springs, where I bowled the first 200 game I have ever bowled in a tournament, a 213.  It was really great!  My average is 161, so 213 was a big step up from the first day bowling under my average every game.  I have to give credit to Santa my coach, he really helped me the second day.  You know just little "coachy" things like "move your feet over 4 boards or so" or "you're not lifting the ball".  Things I know, but it helps when you are bowling to be reminded . .. or at least it helps me.
Some of your ladies reading this may think, "Stop bossing me . . . bosser!" when your husband tells you to do something or gives you constructive criticism, or even a helpful hint.  That attitude has to go!  Would you rather him give these helpful hints to some other woman?  Would you rather your husband spend time coaching another lady bowler?  I, for one, would not.  It's easy to be rebellious and think that you don't want your husband to boss you around, the hard part is thinking how it would feel if someone took your place.  You can choose to be the wife your husband has always dreamed of having, or you can be his future ex-wife . . .it's really up to you.  (Yeah, I know that book is really coming out in me again. . . . more about that later.)



  1. I soooo want a Flex!!! I have been looking at them forever!! Hopefully, soon!!!!

  2. Love the car. It is different and looks so fun!!
    And I so agree with you about letting your husband give you advice, that's what they do and it makes them feel so good to be able to help us. Sometimes I don't agree with the way my husband is handling the kids, but I just try and be so thankful that he's here and dealing with them at all...and I just need to say to myself it's not that big of deal, let it go...

  3. I love that car too! Plus, I love Hot Springs!

  4. I want a new car thats a little bigger! I love it!

  5. You crack me up! I can imagine Santa packing all the toys away in his Flex.

    Thanks for tagging me earlier in the week, by the way. I am working on my grumpy list. :)

  6. aww looking at this red car, i miss my red car. I had one, which we sold a few mnths back! Love ur shots
    I have joined in too
    plz do visit


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