Friday, April 2, 2010


After (CPP)

Okay, I'm not all that great at documenting the steps, besides I did this same edit in two different programs. . . (the finished edit was from Corel PhotoPaint).
I straightened the image to try to crop out as much as I could, and to change the angle a little.
Then I warmed the temp just a teeny bit, increased saturation not more than 15, to make it less pink and more golden.
Unsharp mask (portrait settings)
Creative Vignette using Violet's hair color, pulled it in around her face slightly.

This is just me playing around . . .because I'm not a professional, AT ALL.  However, I am grateful for the opportunity to practice and use some features I have not used before in these programs. Hope you like it too.

This is the version I tried with LR (beta copy).  I am still learning how to use it, and I didn't really like it as well, but you can be the judge.

Mrs. Claus


  1. LOVE that you decided to play with the angle, it looks like a completely different photo! Nice job!

  2. i like them both. I am using LR and I think maybe the luminous or the grain is off. Keep playing. You did awesome though. They look great. Love the cropping you did.

  3. Great idea changing the angle. Your edit looks great :)


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