Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Fat Corporation

Normally Monday's are for posting a picture for i heart faces weekly competition.  But since I am not a baker, and I am definitely NOT a food photographer . . . I'm skipping it.  (Secondly, we made cake pops as seen on Bakerella . . . and well . . . they fell off the stick and they were pretty ugly.  Tasted good, looked awful.)

So instead, I have this HORRIBLE thing for you to read.  This is a "rant", please click away if you are not up for some complaining. . . 

Whew!  Glad those folks are gone, aren't you?  I wouldn't want to force someone to read something negative if they didn't want to.

I won't do this often, but once you read this one you will see how EXTREME this situation was and why I feel the need to share this with all of you.
Our previous accountant S. (THIS was in NO WAY S.'s fault - just had to throw that in.) was with our company for almost 3 years I think, and for most of that time she was working on this BFC issue (Big Fat Corporation - instead of the actual initials of this huge corporation).  
We had an account that was being cancelled and a remaining account which the rate was being reduced due to changing some equipment in our office.
We fulfilled our contract, even though we no longer needed the product, and when the contract was up we down-graded our equipment, which subsequently lowered our rate. . . stay with me.
This change was made while our previous accountant was with us.  BFC, however, did not change our bill.  For 3 months after the equipment change (which remember was several months longer than we needed the equipment) BFC continued to charge us for the closed account AND the original rate for the remaining account.  
After the 3 month period, the charges were finally corrected, and the actual amount was being billed correctly each month.  BUT . . . the 3 months of erroneous charges remained on the BFC bill, as a past due amount.  This amount was over $10,000.00.  (*gasps* from the crowd)
I know, right?  Over $10,000!  In order to get this enormous past due amount off of our bill, our accountant, called, emailed, snail mailed, conference-called, argued, pleaded, threatened, begged and complained to every single person at the BFC.  However, she was unable to get BFC to credit the past due charges, that were not owed.

I became the accountant about 3 years ago, for the entire time I have been doing this job, I have been emailing, snail mailing, calling, arguing, pleading, begging, threatening and complaining to every single person at BFC.  Unbelievable, that this has been going on since 2006! 
There are 3 legal size file folders filled to over-flowing with all the notes and emails and bills for this account.

Ridiculous Cycle
This is the cycle of things that have been going on for the last THREE years. I get the BFC bill, I pay the current charges without the past due amount included.  About 30 days after that I receive a shut-off notice in the mail.  This prompts me to call my account rep who assures me that there is a hold on my account because this past due amount is in dispute.  This is always followed by a phone call from BFC's collection department, which prompts me to return a call to my account rep.  Occasionally, a collection department rep would call back and apologize, but not every time.

What really blows my mind is this. . . 

When BFC's collection department would call and tell me that our company owed them a past due amount of over $10,000.00, I would . ask them if they could please review the notes on this account. (mainly so I didn't have to explain this 4 year ordeal to each and every customer service rep who called to collect this amount)  The thing that amazed me was the collections representative would always tell me that there were no notes on this account.  (*mouth hangs open for a good 10 seconds*).

I, myself, have THREE file folders full of documentation on this account and BFC doesn't have ANY notes? Wow.  Just wow. 

I'm a little nervous to report what happened last week, but BFC has a customer ADVOCATE which has been working on this problem for the past 7 months.  The advocate is finally crediting the past due charges.  I'm still waiting for this credit to go through the billing department, but keep your fingers crossed that it won't take THREE years for this to go through.

Sorry for the "rant", but, honestly, have YOU ever had anything so ridiculous in YOUR life, leave a comment and let me know . . .or maybe it's just me.



  1. Praying for a swift (finally) answer to this!

  2. Thanks for the blog comments!! :)

    I love your blog and the questions you answered about your blog - God is amazing it's great that your using your blog as a way to witness!

    You have a beautiful family!

    Praying that this situation will be resolved quickly! Sounds like it's close!


  3. It's not just you. There are just too many incompetent people out there.

    Good luck getting this resloved 'swiftly' (relatively speaking,of course!)


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