Sunday, March 21, 2010

Are you blind?

Mark 8 and John 9 both talk about Jesus healing a blind man.  This was our Sunday School lesson this morning and it really got me thinking. . . mostly about how thankful I truly am to be able to see.
Well, I used to be blind, physically and spiritually.  I had such poor eyesight I couldn't even see the huge "E" at the top of the eye chart.  You know the one that the eye doctor asks you which way the "E" is pointing . . . yeah, just a big white spot at the top of the eye chart for me.  Eyesight so terrible that I thought many times if I were shipwrecked on a desert island I would be the one that got eaten by the rest of the passengers. 

I am still spiritually blind, if you think about it.  If I was able to clearly see, why would I need faith.  I don't have to have faith to see my computer keyboard, or to type.  Faith has nothing to do with seeing these things, especially now that I am no longer blind (laser surgery is truly a miracle from God).

So it requires no faith at all to type on my keyboard that I can see perfectly well.  But because I cannot see the future or the plans that God has for my life, I must exercise faith.  

When I was physically blind, I had to be about 2 inches from my alarm clock in order to read the numbers.  I had to "feel" my way to the bathroom every morning to put in my contacts, and then I would be able to see until night when I would have to take my contacts out again.  I had glasses by my bed in case of an emergency or if I wanted to watch tv in bed.  But they were HUGE coke-bottle bottom glasses and I refused to wear them in public.  Many people that I knew didn't know I was blind.

When you are spiritually blind, many people may not even be aware that you are.  You may have become so skilled at "feeling" your way around that people naturally assume that you can see God's purpose for your life.  They may think that you have your life all together and figured out, when in reality you are as blind as a bat.

Faith is one of those things that when you use it regularly it doesn't make it look like you can see, but like you are blind.  I think that is really when others see God and not you.  When you are trusting so much in God's purpose for your life, that you don't seem to care what happens to you.  So, you see, it wouldn't look like you were able to see at all.  You would actually be revealed as someone who is blind and relying solely on God to lead you.


Mrs. Claus


  1. "But because I cannot see the future or the plans that God has for my life, I must exercise faith."

    LOL And you know how weak I am with the faith thing LOL Have a great day. ♥

  2. This is a great blog entry! Totally enjoyed it!


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