Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

Wow! It's the 10th already! This blogging thing really makes the time fly. . . normally this would be a "Wordless Wednesday" but since it's the 10th, we can be a little flexible and join in with the rest of the bloggers at

Wednesdays are usually reserved for "extra" prayers and soul searching before Wednesday night church for me. I also really need a break from bearing my soul at least one day a week. LOL! So 10 things, 10 things let me think . . .

I have just started the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives

10 Things I Love About My Husband

1. Smile - gotta be #1 on the list. Totally mesmerizing, at least to me.

2. Heart - My husband has a really big heart when it comes to others. I wish I could be as compassionate and patient as he is. He amazes me.

3. Spoils Me - Okay, that just had to be said, because he does. He doesn't do every thing I ask him to, but so many things that I don't notice when he doesn't. As my daughter says, "You spoil each other Momma."

4. Honesty - This one sometimes hurts my feelings, but I know that when I ask a question I will get a truthful answer. . . . yes, even if it hurts.

5. Laugh - We have the same (sarcastic) sense of humor. He gets my stupid jokes too. I guess that really should be higher on the list. But he just walked in my office and said something funny and I laughed. . . .LOL!

6. Motorcycle Rides - Don't laugh, but I can't "drive" a motorcycle. . .. we've been through this. I can't "break one over" which means when I sit on it I don't have enough strength to stand the bike upright, or off the kickstand. Yes, I've tried sportster bikes. Yes, I've tried the smallest bike in any shop I go in. But I love to ride! I can ride with him and feel safe and relax while I am riding.

7. Best Friend - seriously, some ladies "say" this, but I mean it with all my heart. He is just someone I want to know more about. I want to know what he is thinking and value his advice. . . to the point of well, listen to this . . .

On the day we got married, I got a little bit of cold feet and after I checked on the girls who were staying with my mom, I drove around a little bit. I was nervous and worried, and I thought "I should call Mr. Claus." Then, of course, I thought, "Crazy, girl! You want to call him and ask him what to do about marrying HIM." Then I thought, "If the first thought in your head when you are nervous is to call Santa, well then I think marrying him is the right thing to do."

Mr. Claus and Reese's

8. Affection - so much that I think people wonder if we're really cheating on someone else. I love it! When we are shopping or out with our 17 yr. old, she separates us saying, "Hey, this is not a kid-free weekend, you know?"

9. A hundred other little things . . . he's the best boss I've EVER had, fills my car with gas for me, reaches the platters on the top shelf because I'm short, makes sure I didn't forget my cell phone, he's my alarm clock in the morning (well, the clock IS on his side of the bed), buys groceries, makes an AMAZING coconut creme pie, bakes cheesecake, cooks, fixes my computer when I get a virus 3 times in a row . . . . so many more that I can't list them.

10. Love - The love of a lifetime. . . . ahhh.

These are not the reasons I love him, these are just some of the wonderful things about him that I love. I can't stop myself from loving him, even if he didn't make coconut creme pie or take me for motorcycle rides. . . hey I'm just sayin'.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus


  1. So sweet. Thanks for the link to the 30 day husband challenge.

  2. How sweet!! You are truly BLESSED!!

  3. Your list made me smile. Sounds like you are richly blessed and you KNOW it!

  4. I knew he was a keeper when you brought him home to Madisonville. You were made for each other. Praise God for someone who really got as a husband. Love you both

  5. I think honesty is one of the qualities I love most about my husband. It's also the most infuriating :)

  6. I love this! That is exactly what God wants in marriages! What a blessed woman you are!


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