Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten on the Tenth

Inspired by Mollie and Mer and . . . because 10 is my absolute favorite number! I am adding my list, to the pot! My top ten things are:

1. Being inspired from nature and reminded of God's amazing power and glory. It amazes me as I drive to and from my house the same one I have been in for almost 10 years, that the scene painted before me is always different. A new sunrise or sunset every day. It's almost like God is changing the channel for me and says, "Check this out!" How can the exact same drive look so different every day ? . . .that's God!

2. Hearing my husband say an unsolicited "I love you." or grabbing me and hugging me when there is no particular reason. It reminds me that he sometimes thinks about me when I'm not looking.

3. Saturday morning breakfasts, when my husband and I are cooking and one by one the kids come downstairs to the smell of pancakes! No alarm clock necessary.

4. Surprises from my children. Like my youngest daughter randomly carrying something to the car without being asked or coming home and the dishes are done already. Hey, sometimes it is the littlest things.

5. Grand-children and Great-grand-children!! The sweetest sound in the whole wide world, was coming home from work when Sugar Pop was staying with us, and hearing her yell "Mamaw's Home!!" or watching Itty Bitty's face light up when she sees Gigi or Gpa, it's the sweetest.

6. Shopping and finding the one thing I had to get marked down 75% off! Whoa, that is like the best surprise. You know you were going to have to buy it anyway, and then to get it on sale, that is great!!

7. Seeing my children worship God, without caring what anyone else thinks. I loved going to camp with them, and to concerts where they just be who they are in God. Worshiping from deep inside them . . .this is awe inspiring to me.

8. Getting the phone call from my two oldest daughters, "Mom, how do you make YOUR fried chicken?" The best compliment a mom can ever get.

9. Being introduced by Mr. Claus' son as his "Mom", that is a great feeling. I have graduated from being his dad's wife to being his mom. Amazing.

10. The smell of leaves burning or coffee brewing has to be on my top ten list of things. I'm a fall person and these are the smells of fall to me.

There you go, hope you enjoyed the list. Maybe it will give you something new to be thankful for too!


  1. I have a step-mom, and whenever I introduce her as my Mom, I know it means the world to her too! Beautiful list!

  2. Great List Sandi!!!
    #6....YAY!!! KOHL'S!!! Never fails when I shop there they always give a discount later!!

    Love that you are such a sweet mom!!

  3. I'm so glad you played along! Your list is GREAT. I love so many of those things too!

  4. Love to call my mom for cooking advice - Those are fun conversations -

  5. Such a sweet list! You have a beautiful family! (I came over from Mer's blog.)


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