Thursday, February 11, 2010

She's an Artist!!

Reese's, our youngest, is an artist. The only class in school this year that gets a lot of "air-time" at our house is ART!! The art class has an exhibit in the Magale Library at SAU for the whole month of February.

Reese's and I went last night before church and I took some pictures of her wonderful works of art, so I am sharing them with you.

They had to carve out a piece of tile and then make prints using it, this is Reese's badger.

The Mask, aren't they talented?

This is Reese's head . . . . and what is inside her head? Music, video games and Dr. Pepper? Funny.

Picasso inspired chairs.
If you have a chance, you should go by SAU and check out all these aspiring young artists. Then you can say, you know I knew them when they were just starting out.

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