Thursday, February 4, 2010

Perfect Peace Band!

Thank you Perfect Peace Band, you guys ROCK!

Okay, for those of you who aren't "up" on who Perfect Peace Band is: They are a Christian band, here in Magnolia, AR. Alan Garrett is one of the members and he used to lead worship in youth at IBC (Immanuel Baptist Church), when Bro. Kyle was the youth pastor. Great job guys, seriously, I am praying God uses your talents to reach more people for His kingdom.

My kids Skittles and Reese's) really enjoyed worshiping Jesus when they were at IBC. I really have missed them. Coming from a Southern Baptist upbringing myself, I didn't really learn "how" to worship until I was helping with youth. These guys can worship!

Last night we took our group of kids over to MCC (Magnolia Christian Center) for the concert. MCC is always such a welcoming group of people, I just love that they let us join in last night. I'm really glad that Daniel (our new youth pastor) suggested it. Anyway, most of our kids are new to youth and don't really have the same experience with Perfect Peace that my kids have. I didn't really know how they would respond.

All of our kids were kind of in a group at one side of the stage. I was standing in the back with some of the other leaders. Some girls were swaying back and forth to the music. So they are having a good time. I love it, I'm worshiping and clapping. A few songs into the concert I see one lone hand up above our little group of kids. I kept looking in the group of girls who were swaying, but this hand wasn't swaying with them. Who was it? I kept moving and trying to see whose hand was raised. One hand reaching up and worshiping Jesus, not to bringing attention to itself, but just being in the moment . . . and . . . it was Reese's hand.

It gave me chills.

I was so thrilled, to see that hand with the navy blue jacket sleeve reaching up to the sky. It's the most awesome thing a mother can see . . . her child just worshiping, not following anyone else, but just being who she is in God. I LOVED IT!!

Of course, if she knew I was writing this she would roll her 17 year old eyes at me. When you are "the mom" you have to take these little moments and treasure them in your heart because they are rare! But these little moments remind me why God gave me the "Mom" job.

It made me sooo happy to see them all really, by the end of the concert they had all loosened up a little and were jumping and yelling and clapping. I love to see teenagers worship and I love to hear what God is doing in their lives. It is my favorite part of working with youth. Not leaders prompting them for the "churchy" answers, but really searching their hearts and discovering new things about themselves through worship and the Bible. It is the best!

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