Monday, February 22, 2010

Florida Trip - My Valentine's Day Present

Our trip to Florida was not for "fun", but we had some fun anyway. Hey, it's still me . . .can't go anywhere without having a little fun.

Tootsie posing on the fake flower.

Lollipop at the ball park.

Mr. Goodbar
Sugar Pop and Grammaw

Clark Bar at the ball park.

Grandchildren are the best! Especially, "Mamaw, Mamaw watch this!" The greatest sound in the whole wide world. I loved it! Wish we lived closer!
Also, my husband is THE BEST! All you girls out there who are looking to get married I guess you'll just have to settle for second best. Seriously, my husband drove me to Florida, and pampered me the whole time we were there. Anything I asked for, he jumped through hoops to make it happen. I love him more than he will ever know. I was there to support my two girls, and he supported me the whole time. Between being a human jungle gym for the grandkids, to walking through a botantical garden . . . come on now, that's a great man! No one could ask for a better Valentine's Day present.


  1. He is great and the best husband for you. As I read this I have tears in my eyes, tears of happiness for you and your whole family. How I wish I had lived closer to my grandchildren also. It's hard to cuddle with them when you live15 hours away.

  2. You have a beautiful Family!!! Thanks for adding my BUTTON!!!


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